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    About Us

    Bright Scholars Foundation is a US based not for profit that grants educational scholarships to underprivileged children in Pakistan.

creating a culture of empowerment

with merit based scholarships we're empowering Pakistan's youth to take control of their future. it's about giving children the tools to succeed, not just telling them they can. we're creating realities from dreams, to create a culture where hard work is rewarded.

what we do

merit + need

our scholarships are merit + need based. we search for children that have a thirst for knowledge, a drive to achieve their very best, and a desire to change their circumstances.


our scholarships are strictly to fund non-religious educational paths for children and college bound adults to help them secure post-education employment.

zero overhead

we have 0% overhead. any admin costs is absorbed entirely by the founders to ensure that all funds are used only to help further the education of the children in our program.

projects completed since 2012
2015 goal
more projects to go

children being helped

this is just a sampling of the children our scholarships help

sania*, karachi

bright scholars encouraged sania's parents to let her go to elementary school. now, after finishing first grade with straight A's, sania is moving on to second grade with help from our foundation. her father was in tears when she finished school this year, he never thought his daughter would have such an opportunity.

ali*, karachi

ali chose to go a non-traditional route, pursuing graphic design. our foundation helped him secure all the required equipment to successfully complete his program - including software, cameras, and more.

bilal*, islamabad

after his father died, bilal's mother was unable to pay for her children's schooling. bright scholars funded bilal's tuition, and in turn he worked to fund the tuition of his younger sisters.

how you can help

One Month$20

  • support one one child's education
  • school tuition for one month
  • payment for books

One Year$200

  • one child's education for a year
  • school tuition
  • payment for books

College Bound $500

  • support one college-bound student
  • college tuition for one semester
  • payment for books

our team

help us change a culture, one child at a time.